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Beli Dinar Iraq

Kami membeli langsung dari sumber dilesenkan di Timur Tengah - CBI ( Central bank dari Iraq )

  • We absolutely guarantee that these banknotes are authentic and have never been in circulation
  • kita benar-benar memastikan bahawa nota bank adalah otentik dan tidak pernah beredar
  • we guarantees each dinar is real and of non-criminal origin.
  • We guarantee the best rate for buying Iraqi Dinar.

Why buy Iraqi Dinar?

A historical and geographical comparison: Kuwait Prior to Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990 one Kuwaiti Dinar was worth $2.79 U.S. Dollars (USD.) After Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait the Kuwaiti Dinar plummeted to a value of $.10 on the Dollar.

When the U.S. lead coalition removed Saddam the Kuwaiti Dinar could be purchased for pennies on the Dollar.

Today one Kuwaiti Dinar is worth $3.42 U.S. Dollars (USD).

Keep in mind that Kuwait is the third largest oil producing country in the world Iraq is second

mengapa membeli Dinar Iraq sekarang?

Perbandingan sejarah dan geografi: Kuwait Sebelum pencerobohan Saddam Hussein ke Kuwait pada tahun 1990 satu Kuwaiti Dinar bernilai $ 2,79 Dolar AS (USD.) Setelah pencerobohan Saddam Hussein ke Kuwait Dinar Kuwait anjlok kepada nilai-nilai $ 0,10 pada Dollar.

Ketika AS memimpin koalisi dihapuskan Saddam Dinar Kuwait boleh dibeli untuk sen pada Dollar.

Hari ini salah satu Dinar Kuwait bernilai $ 3,42 Dolar AS (USD). Perlu diingat bahawa Kuwait adalah pengeluar minyak ketiga terbesar negara pengeluar di dunia Iraq kedua

Buying and holding currency that is currently out of circulation poses a risk of illiquidity, inconvertibility and involves the risk of loss that may not suitable for all collectors

Membeli dan memegang mata wang yang saat ini keluar dari peredaran menimbulkan risiko ilikuiditas, inconvertibility dan melibatkan risiko kerugian yang mungkin tidak sesuai untuk semua kolektor

Is it risky to invest in the New Iraqi Dinar?

Of course there are risks in this type of investment. Nobody holds a crystal ball and can guarantee that the currency will regain its pre-war value. That's the main reason why many people are choosing to invest a relatively small amount from their financial capability, minimizing the risk if the investment is not going as planned .

Iraqi Dinar

Before the war and Sanctions against Iraq, the Iraqi Dinar was worth $3.20 USD Dollars. Iraq’s Proven Oil Reserves are over $11.6 Trillion Dollars. 1.  Iraqi Dinar Value before war   1 Dinar = USD 3.20. At that time,Kuwait Dinar is worth 1 Dinar = USD 3.40.

2. Kuwait vs Iraq War in 1990, Kuwait Dinar plummeted to USD 0.30. In 2003, the Kuwaiti dinar surged back to USD 3.40. But economists are already predicting the Iraq Dinar is equal to the USD surged 3.20.

3. Iraq has the world’s second highest oil reserves at 143.1 billion barrels,with 95 percent of Iraq's revenue coming from exported oil

4. Oil exploration efforts in Iraq today is towards the production of 11 million barrels per day within the next 5 years, which is equal to the total output of Saudi Arabia. All the big investors and global investment funds focused and poured into Iraq looking for oil.

5. Iraqi dinar value will rise along with oil production. Analysts predicted that if Iraq reaches the production of 5 million barrels a day, then the value is Dinar at least equivalent to USD 0.30.

6. After the float, Dinar can be traded on the open market. Commercial banks and money changer.

7. The United States is the country most buy Iraqi Dinar. Now they are the best hope was floated on the Dinar

8. In 2003, when the new Iraqi Dinar was introduced, the economic forecasters expect the dinar to float within a period of between 5 to 10 years. Now after 7 years, then it is a most appropriate time and look forward to by all parties

9. When the dinar has floated, then in practice it usually can be sold or exchanged at any commercial bank or money changer.

10. Why are you waiting for. The rise of the Iraqi Dinar is not to far away .The opportunity is in front . Buy Iraqi dinar, as the most prudent investment in this century.

The Iraqi Dinar has a few steps involving the revaluation. These include electing a stable government, removing sanctions imposed by the United Nations in the early 90’s,  WTO acceptance, and full accountability of all Iraqi Dinar in the world by the Central Bank of Iraq in order to stabilize inflation.